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Hire Reliable Commercial HVAC Contractor Tunkhannock PA

Tunkhannock faces extreme weather, from frigid winters to sweltering humid summers. These dramatic seasonal shifts can overwhelm commercial HVAC systems, resulting in inconsistent indoor temperatures and decreased productivity. To maintain comfortable spaces year-round, local businesses must partner with a professional commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA.

At the Rite-Temp, our commercial unit is committed to deliver top-rated HVAC solutions for all your business needs. As licensed contractors, we have the expertise, equipment, and experience to keep your systems running seamlessly year-round.

When emergencies strike, we offer prompt services in Tunkhannock, PA. Our skilled technicians can diagnose issues, and restore heating or cooling. To help prevent breakdowns, we also offer preventive maintenance agreements tailored to your commercial property.

Partnering with us ensures your HVAC equipment operates at peak efficiency through proactive tune-ups and prompt repairs when problems arise. We strive hard to provide excellence in commercial HVAC service, installation, and customer care as your go-to commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA.

Common Commercial HVAC Issues in Tunkhannock, PA

Residents of Tunkhannock, PA, often encounter specific HVAC challenges due to the town’s climate and building structures. Some of the common issues include:

Inconsistent Temperatures – Fluctuations in temperature can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable environment, affecting both employee comfort and customer satisfaction.

Humidity Control – Humidity levels can be challenging to manage, especially during the summer months. High humidity levels can lead to potential damage to equipment and inventory.

Energy Efficiency – With the varying weather conditions, HVAC systems often need to function well to maintain desired indoor temperatures. This can lead to a sudden spike in bills for Tunkhannock, PA businesses.

Aging Systems -Many businesses in Tunkhannock, PA, have older HVAC systems that may struggle to meet modern efficiency standards. Upgrading to newer systems with commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA, can improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Airflow Obstructions – Blocked vents, dirty filters, and other obstructions can restrict proper airflow and lead to indoor air quality issues.

Refrigerant Leaks – Low refrigerant levels reduce cooling capacity. Professional recharging by commercial HVAC services in Tunkhannock, PA, can restore cooling performance.

Ductwork Damage – Leaky or disconnected ducts lead to inconsistent temperatures and wasted energy.

Thermostat Malfunctions – Faulty thermostats can cause systems to cycle excessively or hinder stabilizing constant temperatures.

Noisy Operations – Unusual noises indicate problems like motor or blower issues that require skilled attention.

How Rite-Temp, Commercial HVAC Contractor Tunkhannock, PA, Can Help?

Rite-Temp is a full-service commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA, offering complete indoor and outdoor solutions. Our trained professionals service and repair everything to the highest quality standards.

With a large enough scale to provide comprehensive services yet small enough for personalized attention, our experts can customize heating and cooling systems for any home or business in Tunkhannock, PA.

The skilled HVAC technicians at Rite-Temp have years of experience handling all heating and cooling needs – from minor AC repairs to extensive geothermal heat pump installation.

We offer:

  • Air conditioner repair, replacement, installation & maintenance
  • Furnace repair, replacement, installation & maintenance
  • Heat pump repair, replacement, installation & maintenance
  • Refrigeration systems repair, replacement, installation & maintenance

Rite-Temp Group has the expertise to optimize your heating and cooling for complete comfort and efficiency.

As Commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock, PA, We Offer Go-To Solutions for Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address the unique challenges faced by businesses in this area.

Our services include:

  • System Installation:

We specialize in the expert installation of commercial HVAC systems tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our team ensures that your system is set up for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

  • Routine Maintenance:

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure the longevity of your HVAC system. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections and tune-ups to keep your system operating smoothly.

  • Repairs and Replacements:

 If your HVAC system is experiencing issues, our team is ready to provide prompt and effective repairs. We also offer replacement services for systems that are no longer viable or energy-efficient.

  • Energy Audits:

We can perform energy audits to identify areas of inefficiency in your HVAC system. Our experts will recommend measures to improve energy usage and reduce operational costs.

  • Heating and Cooling

We are experts in installing and servicing all types of commercial HVAC equipment, including:

  • Chillers
  • Temp Control Systems
  • Rooftop Units
  • Split Systems
  • Boilers
  • Exhaust and supply fans
  • Make-up Air Units

As a leading regional provider of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration services, Rite-Temp leverages expansive facility, fabrication capabilities, and team of experts to deliver prompt, high-quality solutions for any HVAC or refrigeration need. Contact us today to experience the Rite-Temp difference.

Choose Rite-Temp For Unmatched HVAC Solutions

Our company has been in business for over 40 years, and we have always kept our promise to provide prompt, efficient, and courteous service. Being a dedicated commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA, our primary goal has always been, and will always be, to provide quality services to our customers.

We expanded our business by servicing and installing chillers ranging in size from a ton to several hundred-ton systems, owing to our extensive knowledge of sophisticated refrigeration systems. Today’s chillers are used for everything from comfort cooling to food manufacturing and industrial process cooling. Contact us today for a customized quote on commercial HVAC services in Tunkhannock, PA.


Q1. What is the recommended frequency for scheduling routine maintenance for my commercial HVAC system?

Regular maintenance is paramount to ensure optimal performance for your commercial HVAC system. We advise scheduling maintenance at least twice a year: once prior to the hot season and once before the winter season. This proactive approach helps maintain efficiency and reliability.

Q2. Can you assist us in upgrading our outdated HVAC system to a more energy-efficient model?

Certainly! We specialize in upgrading and replacing HVAC systems. Our proficient team will evaluate your current system and propose energy-efficient models that align with your business’s specific requirements and financial considerations.

Q3. How can I enhance the indoor air quality within my commercial premises?

Boosting indoor air quality entails a strategic approach encompassing proper ventilation, effective filtration, and precise humidity control. Our adept team will assess your commercial space and propose solutions tailored to your needs. This could include options such as air purifiers and enhanced ventilation systems to promote cleaner and healthier indoor air.

Q4. Can we expect the team of commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA, for emergency services?

Indeed, we understand fully that HVAC emergencies can occur unexpectedly. As a dedicated commercial HVAC contractor Tunkhannock PA, our team is accessible for our contract customers round-the-clock, 24/7, to swiftly address emergency repair needs. Rest assured, we prioritize prompt service to ensure your business’s comfort is swiftly restored.


The Company History...

Rite-Temp’s beginning dates back to 1975. At that time our main business was centered on servicing and installing refrigeration systems for supermarkets and refrigerated cold storage warehouses. 

With a vast knowledge of sophisticated refrigeration systems we expanded our business into servicing and installing chillers ranging in size of one ton to several hundred ton systems. The chillers we service and install today are used for everything from comfort cooling to food manufacturing and industrial process cooling.

Over 40 Years


Rite-Temp has maintained a consistent reputation for superior customer service for over 40 years.

We are the perfect fit – large enough to handle huge jobs with professionalism, and small enough to maintain close contact with the customer, and maintain flexibility.


We realize that nature of our business means that sometimes things need to be fixed – right now. We never leave our customers wondering when we will arrive. We guarantee a quick response in emergencies. It’s good to have a partner you can trust.

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