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Looking Up Commercial HVAC Company Near Me? Your Solution is Here!

Running a successful business in Scranton, PA means keeping your premises at the right temperature for both employees and customers. But dealing with complex commercial HVAC systems on your own can be a nightmare. Don’t sweat it – the Rite-Temp is here to handle all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. Serving since 1975 till today, we have been the foremost choice in addressing clients’ search for a “commercial HVAC Company near me.”

From major repairs to routine maintenance, our team of experts can fix all issues and get your HVAC system running again. We understand the unique requirements of commercial buildings and are capable of servicing equipment from all major brands. We at the Rite-Temp provide prompt, professional service whether you need a quick AC tune-up or a complete system overhaul.

As a leading commercial HVAC service Scranton PA, we are dedicated to provide an exceptional HVAC service along with promoting a great work culture for our team. By getting involved early in your mechanical design projects, we can help reduce costs and ensure your HVAC unit works optimally. Our preventative maintenance will minimize costly downtime, service calls, and energy usage.

When issues arise, we respond with honesty, professionalism, and superior commercial HVAC repairs installations. Our commitment is to delight customers in Scranton with our responsiveness and expertise. By choosing us as your trusted HVAC service provider, you can expect the durable and smooth HVAC system performance.

What Do You Need for Commercial HVAC Repair?

For commercial HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement, you need a company you can count on. With years of experience, we at Rite-Temp are confident to meet all your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs.

How Can We Help?

With over 100 employees in team, our company is large enough to handle HVAC needs. We began by servicing supermarket refrigeration. As your local HVAC service Scranton PA, we have the skills and availability to quickly respond to any AC, heating, or ventilation issue. Rely on our decades of HVAC expertise and let our team handle it for you.

What Is Included in Our Commercial HVAC Emergency Service Scranton PA?

HVAC breakdowns can be detrimental for businesses. When your heating or cooling system unexpectedly fails, your operations halt. Without climate control, your business suffers lost revenue every minute it remains closed. Customers become unhappy waiting in a hot or cold space. Don’t lose money waiting on repairs – call Rite-Temp for trustworthy commercial HVAC emergency service Scranton PA.

Our technicians are always on standby to respond to emergencies. Within hours, we can get your AC, heating, or ventilation back up and running, minimizing downtime for your business. With Rite-Temp you will never need to turn customers away because of HVAC issues.

Our commercial HVAC Services Scranton PA includes:

  • New System Design and Installation

We handle the full project from planning to completion including CADD design, installation, and ongoing service. We install systems for retail, restaurants, data centers, manufacturing, and more.

  • Refrigeration Systems

We install and service refrigeration for supermarkets, food processing, chiller systems, walk-in coolers/freezers, and cold storage facilities.

  • Plumbing and Electrical

We offer domestic water, sanitary piping, process piping, gas piping, electrical service, power feeds, and communication wiring.

  • Coil Cleaning and Maintenance:

Dirty coils affect efficiency and lead to equipment failures. Our high-pressure cleaning technique and proper solutions ensure optimal system performance and energy savings.

  • Belt and Drive Service:

Belts play a crucial role in HVAC systems. We supply and install proper belts, ensuring system reliability, energy efficiency, and reduced downtime.

  • Fast HVAC Replacement:

 We quickly replace aging HVAC units with new, energy efficient models from all the major brands.

  • Equipment Service Agreement:

Proper maintenance is key for optimum HVAC performance. Our experience of over 40 years ensures your facility receives the best service maintenance program.

With our help, you can create an HVAC system tailored for your exact building needs and budget constraints. Rely on our HVAC expertise.

  • Planned Maintenance:

Rite-Temp offers planned maintenance services for HVAC and refrigeration equipment in various facilities. Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced breakdowns
  • Enhanced air quality
  • Reduced manufacturing process downtime.

Proper maintenance reduces costs, equipment breakdowns, and downtime.

Why Proper HVAC Maintenance Is Necessary?

Just like changing the oil in your car, regular maintenance is also crucial for smooth operation and longevity of commercial HVAC systems. After all, this is a matter of your business reputation. However, our proactive maintenance helps avoiding emergencies and protect your substantial HVAC investment through:

Air Filter Changes – Clogged filters reduce airflow, strain systems and allow dust buildup. We swap filters per manufacturer guidelines.

Coil Cleaning – Over time, airborne particles cling to coils reducing efficiency. We deep clean coils to restore capacity.

Compressor Care – Proper lubrication and inspection ensures compressors don’t fail prematurely.

Drain Line Clearing – Clogged condensate lines cause water damage and mold growth. We prevent blockages.

Duct Inspection – Gaps or leaks in ductwork result in huge energy losses. We identify issues early.

Fan Motor Checks – Bearing wear or imbalance stresses motors. Lubrication and alignment adjustments extend motor lifespan.

Sensor Calibration – Inaccurate sensors cause erratic equipment operation. We routinely calibrate controls.

Refrigerant Checks – Low refrigerant reduces cooling ability. We prevent leaks and top off levels if needed.

Safety Inspections – Faulty wiring controls or gas connections pose major hazards. We perform rigorous safety reviews.

Regular tune-ups and proactive repairs through planned maintenance save huge costs down the road when components inevitably wear out. Protect your system and avoid disruptive breakdowns with our customized maintenance plans. Just one emergency repair bill often exceeds the cost of a year of maintenance!

Experience Unparalleled Commercial HVAC Services Scranton, PA

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond emergencies, offering wide range of solutions to fulfill your needs. Our commercial HVAC emergency services Scranton, PA stand apart for several key reasons such as:

  • Quick Response – We know issues cause costly disruptions, so we prioritize rapid response for minimal downtime.


  • Highly Trained Technicians – All technicians complete rigorous training and certification programs before servicing your valuable equipment.


  • Latest Diagnostic Technology – Advanced tools and software allow us to isolate issues quickly and accurately.


  • Large Service Fleet – A large fleet of fully stocked trucks enables prompt dispatch to your location.


  • Broad Service Capabilities – Our expertise spans all major commercial system types and brands.


  • Guaranteed Work – We stand behind every commercial HVAC service with a customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Thorough & Responsible – We are at your convenience as your trusted solution when you look up best commercial HVAC Company near me. We develop customized maintenance plans for each equipment piece with specified tasks and schedules.


  • Follow – Through – To ensure up-to-date maintenance, we use computerized tracking of the schedules we create.


  • Experience – With experience across all major manufacturers, we service each piece of equipment according to the manufacturer recommendations.

The reason why businesses prefer us as their go-to solution is that we maximize performance and equipment lifespan. When they search for a commercial HVAC company near me, these businesses find us at the top for their convenience.

Choosing the Right Scranton HVAC Companies

Selecting the right Scranton HVAC Company for your commercial facility means ensuring proper climate control, energy efficiency and cost savings. Here are top factors to consider when evaluating commercial HVAC service providers:

Relevant Experience – Look for extensive background with commercial systems vs residential. Commercial HVAC is far more complex.

Proper Licensing and Insurance – The company should carry all required state licenses and liability insurance coverage. Ask for documentation.

Brand Relationships – An established relationship with the brand of equipment in your building improves service quality and parts availability.

Staff Certifications – Technicians should hold certifications from HVAC manufacturers and industry associations illustrating up-to-date training on equipment servicing.

Response Time History – Evaluate actual response times for emergency calls to gauge reliability. Slow response costs you money.

Tailored Service Plans – Look for providers that offer customized maintenance plans based on your specific equipment and facility needs.

Energy Efficiency Services – Having energy audit and efficiency upgrade capabilities helps reduce utility costs.

Stability and Reputation – Choose a well-known local business with a solid reputation built on years of satisfied commercial clients.

Choose Us For Quick & Affordable HVAC Emergency Service Scranton PA

Choose a well-known local business with a solid reputation built on years of satisfied commercial clients. When it comes to commercial refrigeration equipment, whether you need to replace inefficient equipment or you need to install all new equipment from the ground up, we provide a wide range of products for a variety of businesses.

Our experienced professional team can recommend, furnish, and install refrigerated display cases, refrigeration systems of all sizes, custom designed cold storage boxes, and process refrigeration systems for manufacturing applications.

We always strive to keep your downtime to a minimum when your business experiences a breakdown. Our team is knowledgeable about all types of refrigeration systems, and our vans are fully stocked for emergency repairs. We provide 24/7 emergency service for our contract customers.

Due to a strong commitment to safety, dependability, and unrivalled expertise, our team of experts has established long-term relationships across a wide range of industries. Stop looking for commercial HVAC Company near me, and call Rite-Temp today!      

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How often should HVAC systems be serviced?

A: We recommend commercial HVAC systems be serviced at least twice annually – once before the heating season and once before cooling season. Additional maintenance may be required depending on equipment age and usage.

Q: What are signs my commercial HVAC system needs repair?

A: Clues like inconsistent temperatures, unusual noises, faulty thermostats, high-energy bills, or visible damage indicate commercial HVAC repairs may be needed. Our technicians will thoroughly assess the issue.

Q: How quickly you can solve commercial HVAC emergency?

A: Rite-Temp makes commercial HVAC emergencies our top priority. We have a large fleet and technicians on standby 24/7 emergency service for our contract customers.

Q: Why choose Rite-Temp?

A: With Rite-Temp, you get highly trained technicians, quick response times, transparent pricing, and quality workmanship. We aim to build long-term relationships through reliable, affordable service.



The Company History...

Rite-Temp’s beginning dates back to 1975. At that time our main business was centered on servicing and installing refrigeration systems for supermarkets and refrigerated cold storage warehouses. 

With a vast knowledge of sophisticated refrigeration systems we expanded our business into servicing and installing chillers ranging in size of one ton to several hundred ton systems. The chillers we service and install today are used for everything from comfort cooling to food manufacturing and industrial process cooling.

Over 40 Years


Rite-Temp has maintained a consistent reputation for superior customer service for over 40 years.

We are the perfect fit – large enough to handle huge jobs with professionalism, and small enough to maintain close contact with the customer, and maintain flexibility.


We realize that nature of our business means that sometimes things need to be fixed – right now. We never leave our customers wondering when we will arrive. We guarantee a quick response in emergencies. It’s good to have a partner you can trust.

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Rite-Temp operates one of the largest Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration service companies serving northeast and   central Pennsylvania and portions of New York. We operate a complete in-house sheet metal fabrication shop within our 25,000 square foot facility. We are located in Dalton, Pa. on routes (6 West 11 North) just 4.2 miles off the Clarks Summit Exit off interstate 81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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